Muyil ruins & mini sian kaan & cenotes hike

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Muyil ruins & mini sian kaan & cenotes hike

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1st arrival in Muyil

The ruins of Muyil, also known as Chunyaxché, are one of the most impressive Mayan archaeological sites on Mexico’s Riviera Maya, near the city of Tulum. A visit to this ancient site offers a fascinating journey into the past of the Mayan civilization. Muyil was once an important trading center that was inhabited from the 3rd century BC until the late Postclassic period (around 1500 AD).

Visitors can hike through the lush jungle and explore a variety of well-preserved structures, including the impressive El Castillo temple, which stands around 17 meters high and offers a magnificent view of the surrounding landscape. The site is less crowded than some of the better-known Mayan ruins, which makes for a more intense and personal experience.

In addition to the architectural wonders, Muyil also offers access to the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that delights with its rich flora and fauna. A visit to Muyil combines culture, history and nature in a unique and unforgettable way.


Ruins of Muyil


2nd stop, walk through the rainforest

A walk through the tropical forest between the ruins of Muyil and the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve is an impressive experience that harmoniously combines nature and history. This trail leads through dense jungle, where you can marvel at the diversity of native flora and fauna. Huge trees, exotic plants and the concert of jungle dwellers create a unique atmosphere.

The trail is well marked and offers opportunities to spot a variety of wildlife such as birds, butterflies and perhaps even some of the shyer forest animals. Information boards along the trail provide insights into the botanical and ecological features of the region.



3. mini boat tour through the Sian Kaan area of Muyil

A mini boat tour through the Sian Ka’an area of Muyil is an unforgettable experience that will delight nature and culture lovers alike. The approximately 45-minute tour starts at a picturesque lagoon, which is reached via a jungle path from the ruins of Muyil.

On the tour, you will glide through crystal-clear canals that were once built by the Maya and are now part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The calm waters and lush vegetation create a peaceful atmosphere, while your guide points out the diverse flora and fauna that make this region so special. Here you have the opportunity to see exotic birds, fish and perhaps even turtles or crocodiles.

The boat trip offers breathtaking views of the tropical paradise and provides insights into the ecological and cultural treasures of the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve. This short but impressive tour is perfect for experiencing the natural beauty and historical heritage of the region in a compact yet enriching way.




4th stop, just let yourself drift…

The floating section in the river that flows through the Muyil Lagoon is a special highlight for visitors to the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve. This section of the river, which was created by the Maya centuries ago, offers a unique opportunity to gently drift with the current through the lush tropical landscape.

While floating, you float comfortably in life jackets on the clear, warm water and enjoy the peaceful tranquillity of nature around you. The slowly passing mangroves, the exotic flora and fauna and the twittering of birds create an almost magical experience. The calming movement of the water and the natural beauty of the surroundings offer a deeply relaxing and meditative experience.

This natural waterway connects the Muyil Lagoon with the larger network of canals in the Sian Ka’an Reserve and allows visitors to experience the extraordinary biodiversity and the harmonious coexistence of man and nature in this region up close. The floating part in the river is therefore an unforgettable highlight of every tour through Muyil and Sian Ka’an.



5. lunch in Tulum


Lunch at Tacoqueto Tulum offers an authentic Mexican experience. Enjoy freshly prepared tacos with juicy carnitas, spicy al pastor and a selection of salsas. You can also try traditional dishes such as enchiladas and tamales. Finally, treat yourself to crispy churros and a refreshing agua fresca or horchata. A visit here is a delicious journey into Mexico’s rich food culture.



5. hike through a half-flooded cenote

A hike through a half-flooded cenote in Akumal is a fascinating adventure that reveals the unique underworld of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula. These natural limestone holes, filled with crystal-clear water, offer an incomparable experience for nature lovers and adventure seekers.

The excursion begins with a descent into the cenote, where the cool water offers welcome refreshment. Equipped with a flashlight and possibly a wetsuit, you set off on a voyage of discovery through shallow water and dry passages. The impressive stalagmites and stalactites, which have formed over thousands of years, shimmer in the light of the flashlights and create an almost magical atmosphere.

During the hike, the guide explains the geological features and cultural significance of the cenotes, which were once revered by the Maya as sacred places. You will learn how these natural formations were created and what role they play in the history and mythology of the region.

The hike through the cenote not only offers impressive insights into nature, but also moments of peace and reflection in a breathtaking setting. The silence below ground, interrupted only by the gentle lapping of the water, and the spectacular rock formations make you forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

This adventure in Akumal is more than just a hike – it is a journey into the depths of the earth and into the past that leaves lasting impressions. The beauty and mystery of the half-flooded cenote make this experience an unforgettable highlight of any trip to the region.


Cenotes hike Akumal


  • Transport in our air-conditioned van
  • Hotel pickup and drop-off
  • small groups of max. 12 participants
  • certified guide + leadership
  • Entrances
  • Visit from Muyil
  • Walk through the rainforest
  • Boat tour of Sian Kaan
  • Swimming in the natural river
  • Lunch in Tulum
  • Cenotes hike
  • Drinks: water

To Bring

  • Swimming gear: bikini, swimming trunks, towel
  • Sun hat and biodegradable sunscreen
  • good and comfortable shoes
  • camera
  • best mood

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Cancellation conditions

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In the following situations the deposit will be refunded:

  • You cancel the tour at least 5 days before the start.
  • Cancellations less than 5 days before the start: If the excursion cannot be started for whatever reason, please contact us immediately. If we are able to allocate the seats elsewhere, we will check whether a refund is possible as a gesture of goodwill. In the worst case we have to charge the full price.

With the booking we note your contact details to be able to contact you in case of changes.


Playa del Carmen, Punta Maroma, Akumal (until “Grand Bahia Principe”)

In this area we will pick you up directly at your hotel or accommodation for all our excursions. If you are staying in the hotel zone or the center of Tulum, a pick-up for the excursion “Sian Ka’an” is possible without any problems. For the excursion “Ek Balam” the pick up is also possible up to and including Tulum center. For all other tours we can pick you up in outlying areas for an additional fee.


Puerto Morelos, Cancun, Costa Mujeres

For the excursions “Swimming with whale sharks” and also “Catamaran Isla Mujeres” we will gladly pick you up at your hotel. For all other tours there is the possibility of pick up for an extra charge, alternatively we can arrange a meeting point in Playa del Carmen. If you are unsure about the location of your accommodation or have any other questions, please feel free to contact us at any time – see contact.


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